The Interesting Life And Career Of Brent Carter

Brent Carter and Ash Wade were thousands of miles apart when they were growing up. Ash Wade was in Canada, and Brent Carter Victoria TX was in the United States. They both played sports and remained sports junkies. Their work resulted in a satisfying friendship. They used their lunches as sounding sessions and solved a lot of the world’s problems while enjoying a glass of half and half tea and a plate of Tex-Mex.

Brent Carter had a slightly demented following after hammering the local media for their inaccuracies and inconsistencies. Many people thought the pair should have a radio show. They did not realize the idea had been discussed for a year and it happened very quickly. Once the founding sponsors of Wendt Electrical, the VeraCruz Restaurant, the Empire Lodge, and CivilCorp/The Office decided they liked the concept the two men were on the air. Both Ash Wade from Canada and Brent Carter Victoria TX have day jobs but have fun and enjoy giving back to Victoria.

Ash Wade was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and raised by the moose. He lived in an upper middle-class bi-level igloo with two reliable dog sleds, and another on ice blocks. He attended the Mount Royal College, and his dog sled was traded in for a car when he studied at Washington State University. His career in broadcasting began in his neighborhood when he was spinning tunes on his front steps. He started playing on Calgary’s snow-covered streets, and by the time he reached twelve, he was calling games of street hockey. He has called pro baseball, and college hoops. He remains a fan and has given his loyalties to the Wazzu Cougars, the Astros, the Cowboys, the Calgary Stampeders, the New York Rangers, and the Calgary Flames. Ash Wade has a wife named Cheryl, two daughters, a lab and six rescue dogs. He worked for KZ105 for two years, and co-hosted the Breakfast Buzz on KVIC for twelve.

Although Brent Carter was born in Corpus Christi, he grew up in Victoria. He began his education at Smith Elementary, then attended Howell Middle School, and finally graduated from Victoria High School in 1981. He proceeded to The University of Texas at Austin where he earned his BBA. Brent Carter worked all over Texas for 25 years as an insurance agent including Rockport, Victoria, The Valley, Dallas, and Houston. He is a big fan of sports and has given his loyalty to UT, the Spurs, The Astros, and the Cowboys. He has three children who are all incredible athletes. Kyle is 17 and a Junior at VEHS, Katie is 19 and a Freshman at A&M, and Kendall is 20 and a Junior at A&M. Katie played volleyball for Jamie Pauley and was a multi-time All District player. Kendall played basketball for Mike Smith and Wimbish and was a multi-time All District player. Kyle will be starting his baseball varsity career for Wes Kolle at VEHS. Brent Carter is a political conservative, but reputed to be a pushover when around people.